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Endless War or End This War

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Would you like this bumper sticker? Read on…


Four years ago today, President Bush declared, “Mission accomplished.” And here we are mired in what seems to be an endless war. Our young men and women are dying at an increased rate as they are caught in an ugly civil war in Iraq.

Back in March, when I posted the photos of the flags at Reed College depicting the number of dead Iraqis and US soldiers, I said that I was planning my own little protest. I have been waiting for a shipment of the bumper stickers you see at the beginning of this blog. They have arrived, and today seemed like a good day to ask you to participate in my anti-war project

If you send me your snail mail address, I will send you a bumper sticker. All I ask is that you take a photo of the bumper sticker in a public place. I don’t want anyone to do anything illegal or to break the law!!! Then I want you to e-mail the jpeg to me. I am setting up a Flickr photo set where I will post them.

To send me your snail mail, just click on the contact button on the top right of my site. I have a finite number of bumper stickers so they will go to the first 175 – 200 who send me an address.

I hope you will join me in spreading this message — End This War!!