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Less is More

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Where have I been? Well, I have not been making art. I’ve been thinking about it though! I’ve been doing the “it’s almost summer, spring cleaning” of my basement compound. I am trying to reorganize some of my surface design goodies so that they are accessible, but not out of sight, out of mind. I rearranged and purged the grand-kids toy storage in anticipation of spending some time with them this summer.

Oh, and my big Bertha Mac crashed!! I have had the G4 Performa for 10 years or more. It has been giving me fits for awhile, but I can usually run disk utility and repair it. On Saturday, it could not find the disk to repair it. So, I thought I would be frugal and get a new hard drive. Mr C went to the store with me so that he could lug big Bertha. While I was dickering with the service department about the price for a new hard drive and the cost to retrieve my data, Mr C came over with some information about the Mac Mini. It would cost about twice as much as getting Big Bertha repaired and would give me much more memory and a more powerful processor. I am so glad he came with me because I came home with cutest little computer in the world. I put a Sharpie on top of it so that you can see how small it is. It takes up hardly any space at all and it is a little power house.


I brought it home on Sunday, but I couldn’t connect to the Internet. So I took it back on Monday. Today, I picked up a new Mac Mini and am now connected.

Tonight Terry and I went to our High Fiber Diet Meeting. We are making plans for the annual show and sale at the Japanese Garden. It will be in September. So I must get some wabi-sabi pieces done — that is our theme. For those who don’t know, wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy that embraces a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. So I guess I will make a quilt that is half-done, with imperfect stitches and will disintegrate after someone buys it!!