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Monday Musings

Monday, June 25th, 2007

I am so jinxed! On Friday, I told Terry and June that I was over my sinus/allergy problems for the season. Ha! I awoke on Sunday with a major attack. I had vertigo so bad that I had to leave church early and come home and take to my bed. With the help of some Sudafed and Aleve, I muddled through the day. I called the Dr’s office this morning because I still had a serious case of vertigo and a raging head-ache. I spent 2 hours there and saw a really cute resident. He convinced me that I need to work on a more holistic way of handling my allergies, and so I am now doing the saline rinses 2 or 3 times a day and using a steroid as well as Afrin inhalers. I do feel better tonight.

I really did have a great Saturday, and I am trying to think what triggered the attack. It was Eastmoreland Garage Sale day. The Barnes’ family arrived early to head out and look for bargains. We followed a little later with Maggie in tow. We never did catch up with them. I found some great books and toys for M & M. I had promised Mia that I would look for some Nancy Drew books and I found a few. She is currently reading the Chronicles of Narnia.


I found some beautiful vintage napkins; one set is beige linen. I found an interesting cheese slicer which I intend to use for printing fabric with soy wax for batiking. I want to do some rubbings on fabric with the brass Asian symbol.


We came home at lunch time and found the rest of the family here doing the same thing. Steph and Jack wanted to go back out and shop some more so we hung out with M & M. Mia found these great lime green sparkly shoes:


Miles was ecstatic with his find — a step ladder!


Have stepladder, will travel:


He also had to give Mr C a hand fixing a sprinkler:


By the time their Mom and Dad came to retrieve them, they were quite tired out. I think Mia looks like she is posing for Andrew Wyeth:


I have uploaded new photos to the Flickr Virtual Iraq War Protest sight. Just click on the Endless/End this War logo in my side bar.