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A Quiet Day in the Studio

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Today, Lisa took M & M to the zoo. Mr C went to the Cathedral to man the pantry — handing out lunches to the homeless. After a nice long walk with Maggie, I settled down in the studio with one of my ufo’s. I started this in Rayna’s class at Art Quilt Claremont. The background fabric and some of the pieces are screen-printed. The others are African batiks. I want to finish this for the wabi sabi show at the Japanese Garden, so I thought that adding some bamboo might look interesting. First, I did some hand stitching with Perle cotton.


I would love to keep the frayed edge of the background fabric, but am not sure how I can do that. I have thought of attaching it to painted canvas. I could cut back the batting and then stitch it to the canvas. What do you think?

Yesterday, I walked to Westmoreland to the Haggus McBaggus shoe store and bought a new pair of red Keen’s.


M and M were going to spend the night so that their parents could go out with Lisa, but Mia got a tummy ache so Miles came to stay with us by himself. He was so happy to come and stay by himself. Look at what I found for him at the Harbor Freight store. He is going to help Grandpa do some work around the house tomorrow while the girls have a day out on their own. Here is builder Milo.