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Frantic Friday

Friday, September 7th, 2007

I am a bit frantic because I can’t get back in the groove in the studio. I have to get my journal quilt done and I am getting frantic. I had to drive home yesterday because Mr C’s knee is really bothering him. I also am doing all the dog walking. I volunteered to work on the youth website for Trinity and I needed to send the pages this morning. I am having a problem with my big Epson printer. I need to print a photo on cotton for the journal quilt and the printer is not cooperating. I did get screens made for the journal quilt. I also printed a photo on organza. More on that in my next post. I will get it done!!!!

Yesterday, when we arrived home, I found something wonderful in the mail. A couple of weeks ago, Christine, who comments on my blog quite often, made a request on the Quilt Art list. She needed a black bead for the eye of a crow on her journal quilt. I e-mailed her and said that I would send her an assortment of black beads to chose from.

I received such a nice gift in return. It really seems out of proportion, it is so cool. With the help of Terry, she looked at some photos of me and made these two pieced blocks — the young Gerrie and the current Gerrie. Actually, the current Gerrie is a little more svelte than I now am, but I hope to look like that soon. Mr C was so amused at the lime green shoes.



I must put these in to a little art quilt that I can hang in my office. Thank you so much, Christine!!

I took this photo of Ruby the dog at the Willows Lodge. She is an adorable laid back dog. Notice the sign next to her bed which is sort of a throne.


I am hoping for a better day tomorrow. Right now I am going to do some searching on line for Epson support.