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A Little M & M Time

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

This week, I had a few deadlines to finish and appointments to keep. On Wednesday, while I was waiting for the WW meeting to start, I made a to do list in my new Moleskin journal. I am carrying it with me and trying to use it to keep track of things and to amuse myself while I am waiting around.

Yesterday, I took care of a couple of the things on my list. I purged the pantry of old outdated stuff and reorganized it. After that, I cleaned and sorted stuff in my computer area. I have a tendency to make piles which soon become piles on top of piles. I reach a point where I can’t find the scanner and I start losing important papers — and my mind.

Feeling energized by the work accomplished, I called Steph and asked if she would like to bring Mia and Miles over to spend the night so that she and Jack could have a nice evening alone. No arm twisting involved. She packed their bags and brought them directly from school.

Here is evidence of their presence from the breakfast table. They devoured whole wheat pancakes and syrup, bacon, cantaloupe and apple juice with raisins on the side.



After breakfast, we made some stuff from Sculpy and baked it. Mia made the flower and some dishes for her dollhouse. Miles made balls. I made the Maggie figure.


They also spent some quality time with Grandpa playing with the Legos.




This afternoon, I worked at the Japanese Garden Show with Terry. Another piece of hers sold this morning. I sold another one a couple of days ago. There were lots of visitors this afternoon, but no sales.

Tomorrow afternoon  I am going to start on the studio clean up. I will take some photos of how bad it is and post them. It will be somewhat of an archaeological dig as I haven’t done a major clean-up for some time.