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Primary Fatigue

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

As you know, if you read this blog often, I am a political nut. I loves me some good political discussion, but tonight, I have to admit to being so over Hillary Clinton and the primary. I wanted it to be over tonight and it didn’t happen. I believe that Obama will be the candidate, but we are going to have to endure months of scaring, religion bias, “you like him better” whining and bad pant suits. Enough said.

On with the creative side of my blog. Just a reminder, when I started my blog back in 2005, the header said: “The artful creations of a high fiber grandma with occasional political rants.”

Here are 3 little pieces I did for the class with Liz. The assignment was to do 3 compositions where the focal point changes from far to near, using the same design idea. I did a lunar eclipse with indigo aspens.




I started on a vintage Japanese fabric collage composition today. It will also be my final composition for Liz’s class.

The first step is to put a large piece of Teflon on my pressing table, followed by a layer of Misty Fuse. Misty Fuse has no paper backing. I love that it does not change the hand of the fabric significantly. I then layer the pieces of vintage kimono fabric over the Misty Fuse.


Another sheet of Teflon is place over the fabric, and I fuse the fabric with a hot iron.


The fabrics are cut apart and are ready for use.


Next, I cut squares of the fabric and start arranging a background for the collage.


And that is it for tonight. At least I don’t have to wait up any longer for primary results. Bonne Nuit a Tous!