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Kimono Collage

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

You all know that I am finishing a six week class with Liz Berg. I am currently working on my final project and I find that Liz has taken over my brain. I am working in a much more intentional way. I have always worked very intuitively — sort of throwing bits of fabric at the design wall to see what sticks. I knew what I liked and didn’t like, but I didn’t always understand why. I often finished a piece too soon, only to discover later that it could have been better, if only…

Now that I have worked through the design principles with Liz, I feel empowered. I know that I can figure out how to make a design better. So, I am really having a good time reworking the Kimono Collage. I do some work. Take a photo. Upload it to the computer. Look at it. Change it to grey scale to take the color out of the equation. Print it out. Look some more. Go back to the design wall and make changes.

Even though this is a fused quilt, I do not totally fuse it down until I am done designing. I sort of tack things with my little iron. Then, it is easy to remove pieces and replace them.

So, here is the latest incarnation:


I think I am about ready to add the red weaving and finish it. Oops, I just noticed something that I want to change. It never ends.

Lisa arrived today and is off with her arty friends from Portland, doing first Thursday in the Pearl. Tomorrow, she hangs her show. Tomorrow night, we will go to the opening and then bring M & M home with us to spend the night. Saturday, we will have a family dinner and celebrate Jack’s birthday, which is today. And so is my handsome son’s. He and Jayme are coming for Easter so we will do some celebrating with them then.