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Good Family Times

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

I have been busy hanging out with Jayme and Mark, who arrived on Sunday. We had a nice Easter dinner on Sunday night. On Monday night, we ventured out to Le Pigeon, a newish and much talked about new restaurant in SE Portland. The chef has a big imagination and a quirky food sense. He loves to use organ meats in strange ways. We had four starters – one was foie gras on banana bread with grilled banana and peanuts. It sounds bizarre, but it was quite delicious. My favorite was grilled scallops with tongue and a slaw. For my main course, I had grilled Arctic Char, celeriac slaw and oysters. One of the desserts was a cornbread cake with maple ice cream and caramelized bacon bits. It was fun and adventurous, but I don’t plan to go back any time soon.

Yesterday, Mark did some planning for my my backyard kitchen garden. The plans look fantastic. I can’t wait for it to happen. I will take a photo of the plans tomorrow and post it. It is too late tonight. I went to the airport to pick up Steph, Jack and M & M, back from North Carolina. They were tired from a long travel day so I just dropped them at home.

I am feeling like such the computer geek. I have spent a lot of time this week updating my website. I still have more to do. I also want to update my blog links. They are very out of date. I also had a lot of other web work to do for SDA and the church youth web pages. So my day was spent in front of the computer. All I needed was a bag of
Skittles and I would not have had to come upstairs!!

The rest of the family had more fun than me. First, there was a scavenger hunt. Here are the lists of things to find.



Mark took photos of the excursion for me.




Mark & Jayme gave the kids some books. One was a cook book and so they decided to make a chocolate cake.




Enjoying the fruits of their labors.


To top off the day, everyone pitched in and made pizzas for our supper.




It was a great day. I got lots of work done and still had my family around to entertain me.