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The Debate in One Minute

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

I can’t help myself. I have to include some political content once in awhile. This is the so called debate on ABC in one minute. I have lots of great links and political commentary on my other blog. If you are bored this week-end, check it out. Gerrie on Politics.

The Pennsylvania Democratic debate in one minute

What is Bubbling in the Front Yard?

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Mr C is making great progress with our bubbling fountain for the front yard, adjacent to the garage. Mark helped us buy the pots when he was here last month. the black plastic will get cut back. There will be larger rocks surrounding the pots. The water will filter and become clearer. Here is a close-up

While I was out in the front yard, I saw a big fat bumble bee getting nectar from these flowers, but the bee would not stay still long enough for me, but I did get a nice close up of the flowers, which also attract hummingbirds.

Annie and her dad, our next door neighbors, came by to check out the fountain. I had to get a photo of her shoes and socks — tres cool!

I managed to send some goodies off to Kristin and Diane, today. I also sent in my entry for the APQN show in August. Some snow and cold weather is forecast for the next few days. Will spring ever come to stay?

A Pretty Good Day

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Weigh-in: Stayed the same. I have had to curtail my walking because I have Plantar Fasciitis in my right heel. I have been so grumpy this week, and I think it is the lack of endorphins from my usual walking pace. Not only do I have to curtail the walking, I have to wear ugly shoes with support — no Crocs, slippers, sandals or bare feet. I have to do stretching exercises and ice my heel. It does seem to be getting better

Bathroom Tile Update: I spent some time at the tile store today, and picked out the tile for the linear mosaic. A couple of these are metallics. I think it is going to look really cool and watery — which is my plan. They are now creating a sample of the mosaic for me. Now, what about the floor?

New Camera: I received my new camera today. It is a Canon PowerShot S5IS, the same camera that Terry and Reva have. I have been so impressed with their photos so I indulged myself so that I have a better camera for our trip coming up next month. Here are some photos I took late this afternoon. You can see them all on this Flickr set. I love the detail of the water in the first photo. Wish I could duplicate that for the next 12 X 12 challenge.

Had to put a little political stuff in here!!! The tree below is a Japanese Maple that is just starting to leaf out. It is such a beautiful tree.

These are all clickable for a larger view.

I Am Not Alone

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008


Good Riddance to a Bad Day

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Thank you to everyone who voted for which photo to send to the PAQA show. I was amused at how many of you thought the first picture was angry or scary. You should see me when I am really angry!! Here is the photo that I sent. I retook my picture today. I decided I wanted a solid top, in my favorite color and I actually did my hair and put on some makeup. I hope I am smiling enough for all of you.

I  have had one of those days where too many things have gone wrong!! I needed to ship the Fragments quilt to North Carolina today. I had to update my resume, print out a photo,  make some new business cards, fashion a rod per their instructions and make a new label. I also planned to go to the tile store to select my final colors for the bathroom tile and to pick up a supply of fruits and veggies at my fave organic store.

I couldn’t get a good print of my photo because one printer needs a new color cartridge and the other needed head cleaning. Got that done. I started to print my FedEx labels for shipping and return shipping. Since my last shipping, they have changed the layout and method of inputting data and printing a label. I could not get the d___ thing to print. I e-mailed help. I tried calling help, but Mr C was on the phone. Then as I was about to smash my monitor, I figured it out.

Last week, I received a shipment of boxes and self-stick sleeves for the labels. I could not find the box of sleeves. I looked in every room, every closet, in the garage, in the storage room in the basement. They are not to be found. So, in frustration, I used the clear tape dispenser which usually makes a mess.

By now it is quarter to five. I had to get to the FedEx drop off and get to the market. Forget the tile today. When I left the market, I must have dropped my wallet in the parking lot cause when I got home, my purse was very light. So back to the store in a panic. I saw the two guys who had pulled in next to me as I was leaving. They recognized me and asked if I had lost my wallet!!!! I could have given them both big kisses, but I probably would have frightened them to death. They had turned my wallet in to the store.

I came home and crashed with a glass of wine before I could think about making dinner. How was your day?