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Good Riddance to a Bad Day

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Thank you to everyone who voted for which photo to send to the PAQA show. I was amused at how many of you thought the first picture was angry or scary. You should see me when I am really angry!! Here is the photo that I sent. I retook my picture today. I decided I wanted a solid top, in my favorite color and I actually did my hair and put on some makeup. I hope I am smiling enough for all of you.

I  have had one of those days where too many things have gone wrong!! I needed to ship the Fragments quilt to North Carolina today. I had to update my resume, print out a photo,  make some new business cards, fashion a rod per their instructions and make a new label. I also planned to go to the tile store to select my final colors for the bathroom tile and to pick up a supply of fruits and veggies at my fave organic store.

I couldn’t get a good print of my photo because one printer needs a new color cartridge and the other needed head cleaning. Got that done. I started to print my FedEx labels for shipping and return shipping. Since my last shipping, they have changed the layout and method of inputting data and printing a label. I could not get the d___ thing to print. I e-mailed help. I tried calling help, but Mr C was on the phone. Then as I was about to smash my monitor, I figured it out.

Last week, I received a shipment of boxes and self-stick sleeves for the labels. I could not find the box of sleeves. I looked in every room, every closet, in the garage, in the storage room in the basement. They are not to be found. So, in frustration, I used the clear tape dispenser which usually makes a mess.

By now it is quarter to five. I had to get to the FedEx drop off and get to the market. Forget the tile today. When I left the market, I must have dropped my wallet in the parking lot cause when I got home, my purse was very light. So back to the store in a panic. I saw the two guys who had pulled in next to me as I was leaving. They recognized me and asked if I had lost my wallet!!!! I could have given them both big kisses, but I probably would have frightened them to death. They had turned my wallet in to the store.

I came home and crashed with a glass of wine before I could think about making dinner. How was your day?