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This and That

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Where did Monday go? I did the washout on my remaining fabric from the workshop. I hobbled around the house and the neighborhood like an invalid. (More later) I spiffed up the house, went shopping and put together some appetizers for later. By 3 pm, I had to shower and get ready to greet our friends from Schenectady, where we used to live. They were visiting Bill’s sister in Beaverton and he and his wife, Joy, came by to spend the late afternoon and evening with them. We gave them a tour of the Rhodie garden, which they proclaimed as the best back yard they had ever seen! We came back to the house for drinks and snacks before walking over to Reed College for a picnic on the lawn and a concert of all Schubert music — it was divine. Throughout this, the tile guy laid the bathroom floor; it looks great – photos later. And, we discovered that Maggie had a very swollen cheek:

Now, on to the good stuff. Here is the cotton piece that I stamped the potato dextrin with a net and a plastic grid and over-painted with dark turquoise. You can click the detail to see the wonderful. subtle  netting.

Next, is the yellow/green silk scarf that needed help. I used combed potato dextrin and over-painted with dark turquoise dye.

This piece was pfd cotton. I  screenprinted corn dextrin using a thermofax of a hand drawn circle and stamped with bubblewrap. I rolled on chocolate brown dye.

This is silk organza that was stamped with chocolate brown dye (no resist) using a round sponge. I then squiggled it with black dye.

This habotai silk was painted with dye in the primary colors and generously squiggled with black dye (I have to learn how to control that syringe!).

The last piece is silk organza, painted with left over dyes that I  mixed. It was the last piece and I did not want to mix up more dye.

I just love doing this thickened dye work. I have plans for some more good stuff!!

Back to the goings on here at home. It seems that I have piriformis syndrome causing sciatica pain in my left hip. I couldn’t get physical therapy until July 22 and I am going to be at the Coupeville Art Center  then. So, I did an internet search and found some exercises and other things to do for this. It seems that women who walk or run a lot are more prone to this. I am doing the exercises and icing and I am feeling better. It is worse in the middle of the night when I need to get up or when I have been sitting for some time. Lots of ibuprofen, too.

Maggie went to see her Doctor this morning and she had to have 2 abscessed  teeth removed. She will be out of it for awhile and eating soft foods, but hopefully, she returns to her normal joyful self. I gotta run; I have a communications committee meeting at the cathedral.