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Wednesday Whoosh!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Wednesdays are busy days for me so I always feel as if the day flies by and I haven’t accomplished anything. I have my WW meeting in the morning. Every other week, Maryama comes to clean. During the summer, I go to  the  farmer’s market in the afternoon. I have to fit in walking the dog for an hour, etc.

Today, at WWs, someone asked my name and then said, Oh, my gosh, I read your blog!!” So we chatted for awhile after the meeting. She is a quilter, too. Hi, Liz! I was happy because I lost a half a pound after my recent  gains. It makes a difference when you journal every day.

I finished Indigo Habitat except for a bead door knob. I will get it in the mail tomorrow.

On Friday, I am leading a play day for High Fiber on soy was batik. So tomorrow, I have to get my supplies together and mentally prepare to herd cats – ha!! Jeannette Meyer, who teaches classes at Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, is coming so I have to be on my best behavior. Fortunately, I have Terry to help me.

This afternoon, I went to the Farmer’s Market, and the skies opened up and down came the rain. It was rather hectic as every one tried to gather under the canopies to stay dry. I managed to gather up some great veggies and berries plus freshly caught halibut, which we had for dinner with sweet corn and a Caprese salad with the best tomatoes.


Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Last night I successfully published 8 new pages to the SDA website highlighting our 2009 conference. We still want to add some images, but the hardest work is done!!

I spent most of today preparing CD’s to enter 2 shows. I had to photograph a couple of quilts that had not been done properly before. One of the shows is open only to Oregon and Washington residents. It is called Dancing Hands and will be at the Springfield Museum in Springfield, Oregon. The prospectus said: Artists may submit contemporary fiber art; other media and techniques may be incorporated. There was no minimum size requirement, only maximum — I liked that. The postmark deadline is tomorrow. I was so happy that I found this today. Another successful accomplishment.

I have been mulling over in my mind whether I could find the time to participate in the Breaking Traditions exhibit. This year it is a fund raiser for Fiber Art for a Cause, the cancer fundraiser started by Virginia Spiegel. The theme is One Voice:

This year we will give a voice to all the good that is present in the world. From the next door neighbor who helped to shovel your snowy walk, to organizations built solely on the purpose of serving those in need, to famous individuals using their influence to do good. We honor all those who stand up and say, in one loud clear voice, “I will make a difference.”

I had an idea this afternoon that I knew I could execute fairly quickly. I really needed a fun project that would get me back in the studio. I decided to honor a favorite organization of mine, Habitat for Humanity.

Here is my 12 X 12 quilt, almost finished. I have to do some more quilting and finish the edges. It is titled Indigo Habitat and is constructed entirely of indigo dyed fabrics. The fabric at the bottom is a commercial indigo from Germany, a gift from Kristin; the other fabrics were dyed by me last year. This folk art house was really fun to do. I think this is a success, too.

Look at what arrived in the mail yesterday!!

Judy was given one by a friend and, I, of course, was jealous. So, she scared one up for me. Thanks, Judy!! I am, after all, the original Obama Mama, at least in my universe! Oooo, I wonder who will be the VP. We should know soon.

We had cool weather and restorative rain today. It was lovely. Mr C finished building the farm boxes just in time. In case you were wondering, I am still waiting for the finishing touches on the bathroom. I think there will be some activity tomorrow.

Chained to My Computer

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

SDA has a conference every two years; the next one is coming up at the end of May 2009. I have spent most of the week-end creating web pages of information that will go live next week on the SDA website. The desk top publisher who created the brochure has sent me the text which I paste in and then format. It is looking pretty good. I have the bones of all the pages done. Now, I have to create and test all of the links. It was a good thing to do during the heat because my office is in the coolest part of our house, the basement.

Have I mentioned that I am also going to be registrar for the conference — a big job, especially when you have 50 people who want to take the same workshop and the limit is 25. This also means that I will get to go to Kansas City for the conference. I am so excited about all of the great speakers and workshop leaders. I probably won’t be able to take workshops in the Pre-conference session, but hopefully, I can stay for the Post-conference.

I also served as FMQ and sewing machine consultant to Lisa. She finished the quilt today. Here is a photo taken on the deck love seat.

And a detail:

She is so excited about inheriting my Babylock sewing machine. I no longer have the box, so I have to get it packed by someone and ship it to her. I am happy to see it put to good use. I love my Janome 6600 plus I still have my Bernina 170 for back up.

How cute is this?  Lisa took Mia shopping yesterday. Here she is in her new outfit.

Lisa is packed up and ready to fly back to SF with the adorable Wilfredo. I am going to miss them so much. We have had a nice, quiet week together.

The Crud, My Farm and FMQ with Lisa

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I had one of those viral cruds with fever, aching joints and general malaise. I didn’t do much except some work on the computer. I went to bed really early and felt better today except for lingering swollen glands. To top it off, the temperature was 100°. Lisa went to Sauvie Island with Steph and M & M. They picked blackberries and chilled in the river.

This morning, before it got hot, I took my old lady dog and Lisa’s wild thing puppy to the Rhodie garden for a walk. The three of us are a sight to behold.

We got out my Babylock sewing machine which I think I will give to Lisa and set it up for free motion quilting. Lisa is very good at this as you can see from these photos. I wonder if I would be better if I had started at a younger age. She has pieced a baby quilt for a friend, using vintage fabrics. It is very Lisa.

It isn’t finished, but it is looking good. She is quilting with white cotton, something I would not do, but she wants the quilting to show!!

Remember this plan that my son made for a veggie garden in our backyard?

It is starting to take shape.

Steve refers to it as my “farm”! It may be ready for a winter garden.

Today, I had my first appointment with a physical therapist, Phillipe. He speaks wiz zee French accent. I liked him very much. He thinks that perhaps my problem is sacroiliac syndrome rather than piriformis syndrome. The treatment is pretty much the same unless it is caused my a misalignment in my pelvis. Today, that was not indicated, but today, I was not in as much pain. He says that it can come and go. I am to do some exercises, limit my walking and ice the area for two weeks and then go back for further evaluation.

The Barnes family is here chilling with us, watching the Olympics. M & M will spend the night as it is cooler here. We had salads, water melon, chips and hot dogs for dinner – minimal cooking.

Another Busy Wednesday

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

First, here is the gratuitous cute puppy and grandchild photo. Mia and MIles were taunting Wilfredo with their brown rice cakes through the front door window.

That was yesterday. After everyone left, yesterday, I started another piece for the SAQA auction. The first piece I did had to be trashed.  I managed to save the hand stitched area which I stitched to a new background. I used some of my new Elin Noble Perle cotton and added some other embellishments. It is still called Copper Highlights. I have to overnight it to its destination tomorrow. But, I was determined to participate this year and whew, I will make it.

Here is a detail:

We are closing in on finishing the bathroom. Most of the lights were installed today. The granite was installed yesterday. My mirrored door over the sink had to be redone as the mirror cracked when he was adding the pull. Vladimir needs to finish some tile trim. Supposedly, everyone is coming back on Monday to finish everything. I will believe it when I see it!! Anyway, I will reserve taking any more photos until everything is finished. We were excited to get lights and power. The room looks heavenly bathed in light.

Lisa has been busy today visiting friends. We still haven’t started our machine quilting lessons — that is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon after she and Steph take the kids berry picking on Sauvie Island.