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Rust, Quilt Show Swag and Gratuitous Cute Puppy Pics

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Let’s start with the puppy. Lisa is visiting with Wilfredo, her adorable Chihuahua.

We had a family BBQ tonight, and he enjoyed the sweet corn, seasoned with chile powder and cumin — he even has Mexican taste buds.

My only problem with Wilfredo is his penchant for doing his poops right under my design wall. I don’t know if it is the large open space or his opinion of my work!

Last night, I took my rust dyed scarf out of its most recent dye bath. It got some really great marks. Lisa loves it and I am afraid she may abscond with it.


I had some fun shopping at APNQ. Here are some Japanese textiles that I love.

New thread is always a treat. Notice the turquoise and brown thread. I am planning a quilt for our bedroom to go with that thread.

And, I look forward to checking in with Elin Noble and buying some of her hand-dyed perle cotton.

I also found lutradur and beautiful cheese cloth for dyeing. I have to figure out what one does with lutradur.

I have thought about buying Jeanne Williamson’s book, and after I thumbed through it, I knew I had to have it for the inspiration she offers for doing the work.

M & M are sleeping over so they can spend more time with Aunt Lisa. Steph brought a copy of her book for me to see. It is really beautiful and well written. They have a section where comments from some readers of their blog are listed. I was thrilled to find a comment that I had made.