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Thursday, September 11th, 2008

We are in Chicago, but I almost didn’t make it. Mr C took me to the Urgent Care clinic last night because I still had a fever and I couldn’t eat because of a horrible sore throat. As Steoh says, if Mom can’t eat, it is serious!!

I didn’t have a virus after all, I have a nasty strep infection. So after a mega-dose of antibiotics and some sleep last night, I was up and off to Chicago this morning. The Dr didn’t think I should take the trip, but Mr C said he would not go if I couldn’t go. So here we are. I am not 100%, but a bit better. We are staying near Millennium Park and had hoped to have time to spend the afternoon at The Art Institute, but that did not happen. We did have a great time walking around Millennium Park until I got whoozy. We came back to the hotel. I took a nap. We just had a delightful dinner at Catch 35, a seafood restaurant.

Here are some photos from the trip, so far. All are clickable.

From the plane:

Mt. Adams:

Dual mountains:

Loved these circles created by irrigation:


The Chicago skyline comes into view:

Millenium Park’s Cloud Gate. I just loved this!! Designed by Anish Kapoor.

Here is our reflection in Cloud Gate.

This is taken in the interiour, looking up – so cool.

The other really cool piece is the Crown Fountain:

Tomorrow, we head to Ft. Wayne for the festivities of Steve’s 50th High School Reunion – class of ’58, Concordia High School. We brought a case of Oregon wine with us for a party tomorrow night. You cannot ship wine to Indiana, so the Erath Winery gave us a special box with plastic inserts and amazingly, it arrived safe and sound.