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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

I have no pretty pictures of my own to show you because I have been working on my 12 X 12 Shelter challenge. So, I will show you daughter, Lisa’s, latest venture. She did a couple of collages in  her inimitable style which Pottery Barn Teen, silk-screened on canvas and have for sale on their website. Click to see larger images.

I have been doing the machine quilting on my shelter challenge. I am really not enjoying this piece. It is sort of a landscape type of work which I used to do, but now I find it tedious to do the fussy quilting. I  had another idea, really simple, which I didn’t do, because  — it was really simple. I think I may still try to whip it up as a back-up.

Do  you know what time it is? It is time to clean up and reorganize my messy studio. I  just can’t seem to keep a neat organized work area for long. I know that it is impeding on my ability to create. I am planning to do a completely new arrangement of my work environment. I also plan to get rid of my old traditional quilting books. I haven’t decided how to do this, but I will post a notice here.