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Monday, Monday

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Where did the week-end go? It was a non-eventful work week-end for me, with some timeout for walks around the neighborhood, dinner out with Mr C and church on Sunday morning.

I got some advise from two friends whose work I really admire to make my Galilee boat more abstract, but it wasn’t working for me. In the end, I had to create the vision I had in my head. I used a piece of silk shantung organza in an off-white and sketched the boat details with free-motion stitching on my sewing machine. I wanted a ghost like image of a boat  — to reference something in the past. So here it is.

i am going to balance the white boat with some off-white stitching in the bottom right that looks like  a fish net. So I have been looking at photos of nets.

I have been practicing the stitching. I am going to use Perle cotton in the bottom and stitch the net from the back side. It looks great.

I have also been cutting three and a half inch squares of black and white fabric.

I am going to do one traditional quilt. Here is my sketch of the Jerusalem Cross quilt.

The cross and outer border will be of black and white fabric. The rest of the quilt will be batik fabrics cascading across the quilt in a rainbow. This will be 51 inches square. I think working on this will calm my brain and keep me focused. I hope!!

I got some good mail today. Almost 2 months ago, I gave a donation to the Obama-Biden campaign and was supposed to receive a t-shirt, car magnet, yard sign and some buttons. The stuff finally arrived today.

I wore it most of the day. I took my extra buttons and bumper stickers to EFM class tonight and spread the Obama love!! Eek! Only 2 more week of waiting. We received our ballots on Friday. We filled them out and mailed them today. I wanted to join the throngs of early voters. Gobama!!