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Paying It Forward

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

On the day that I was taking down my show, the next exhibitor was there, hanging her show. Nancy Jo Mullen is an artist/teacher/ printmaker from Medford. She received her MFA from the U. of O. in 1991. She is particularly interested in creating images that connect her art expressions to emotional states and spiritual destinations. The realms of the unseen are often the “stuff” of her art. She works abstractly in relief printing, monotypes, monoprints, etchings and mixed media drawings.

I was blown away by her work. She, also, paid me a huge compliment, saying she was so happy to meet the woman who could do what I did with thread. One particular work caught my eye. “World on Fire” is a multi-block woodcut with reductions and stencils. It looks like shibori. I am happy to say that this piece is now, mine, or it will be when the show comes down at the end of April. Here is another edition of the same piece which was in a juried show for the OSU College of Agriculture annual art show. The colors in mine are slightly different.

World on Fire

Mr C and I spent the week-end (after M & M went home) doing errands like buying raspberry plants, buying Mr C some new shoes at REI, and getting the flat tire on my car repaired at Costco, where I bought a Garmin GPS. When I was down in Eugene with my friend Bonnie, we used hers to get around and I decided I needed my own. Bonnie’s sister named hers, Charmaine. I am trying to decide what to name mine. She sent us home from Costco a different way than we usually take. Of course, Mr C was very skeptical. Ha! It was very direct, less traffic and less time. She is a genius. I think I will name her after my friend Reva!!