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Checking Off

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

I have a to do list in my head. I really should put it on paper, but my personality doesn’t function that way. I checked off a couple of things on my mental list.

I finished the revision of Indigo Construction for the Line Dancing show. I made some small rod pockets and hung it on a piece of green bamboo. It looks great.


Here is a detail with the new stitching. These are both clickable.


I also decided it would be good to look at the supply list for my Depth of Field Shibori class. Gulp! I need “at least” 20 yards of pfd (prepared for dyeing) fabric. I went to the Dharma website and ordered 15 yards of Kona cotton. I also ordered 5 yards of organic cotton muslin, 59 inches wide. It is pricey, but I wanted to try it out. Here is what the website says:

This fabric is the one you all have been asking for. 100% pure Certified Organic cotton muslin. The cotton itself was grown on a G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified farm and certified organic by a G.O.T.S. certification firm. It was whitened with Hydrogen Peroxide, which is the only method of whitening approved by G.O.T.S. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that natural yellowish color causing color shifts in your dye job. It is also a very nice organic fabric to tie dye or batik for that reason. 5 oz./square yard and about 59″ wide. This is a tightly woven muslin fabric, with a nice smooth hand and surface. A great flat woven organic fabric for all your needs. Organics are about double the cost and price of non-organics, that’s just the way it is. This one was actually one of the best deals we could find. So it’s time to “put your money where your mouth is” as they say.
Fabric Details
• 100% Certified Organic cotton muslin
• 5 oz per square yard, 59″ wide
• Thread count is 40 threads per inch x 40 threads per inch
• You can dye this with our Fiber Reactive Dyes
• Suggested usage; Clothing, quilting, drapes, wall hangings, home decor etc. Muslin is very versatile!
• We found that this shrinks 3% in Length and 3% in Width 
• Available in cut yardage ( bulk discounts levels at 10+ yds. and 25+ yds.)
• Machine wash in any temperature water

I have to tear the fabric into 2 yard lengths and scour it before the class.

It was a gorgeous day here in our neighborhood. I went out for a couple of walks and enjoyed the sun on my face.

I thought I would share this nice little note that I received from one of our priests at the cathedral.

I’m sitting in Kempton Hall for a lecture on labyrinths, surrounded by the lovely soft evening lights of Kempton (none of the lights that shine upon the artwork, however), and I suddenly noticed that the new exhibit has been hung.  I want yours back!  Your fabric art of Jerusalem delighted me over and over as I’ve been in Kempton these last two months.

Thanks so much for your show.  I’ve not yet been to Jerusalem, and I feel as though I’ve gained a sense of the wonderful natural light in the Holy City.  And your colors — glorious!

So thanks for your creativity.  You are SOME ARTIST!



Made my day and gave me encouragement to get back to work! Tomorrow, I am meeting Terry down at the Contemporary Craft Museum for lunch and an art date. I need to get out of the house and be inspired.