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SAQA Oregon, a Beginning

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

I first joined SAQA before we left California, 4 years ago. I never got involved with the local group, which was pretty active at that time. When I moved to Oregon, I expected to get involved here, but there was absolutely nothing happening. Recently, we got two new reps, Georgia French and Laura Jaszkowski, from southern Oregon. They are both members of the High Fiber Group, too. They have started organizing meetings. They  had one in Eugene today and the northern area will meet in March.

When looking for a spot for us to meet in March, they approached The Pine Needle quilt shop in Lake Oswego. The owner  was more than happy to have us meet there in the class room, and also invited us to show quilts and be available to share info about SAQA at an open house this week-end. Georgia and Laura gathered some quilts from the group and got them hung at the quilt shop.

I did a 2 hour stint to answer questions today and took some photos of the quilts. That is my sunset composition up there on the left. Apparently lots of people were curious about how I got the orange glow — serendipity!!

Here is June Underwood and Jill Hoddick who were on duty when I arrived. June is speaking to someone on the other side of that counter. Jill teaches costuming at Portland University and has jumped into the art quilting arena and can’t wait until she retires to get more involved.

Here are some other shots of SAQA member quilts.

These are clickable to see them larger.

I have high hopes that we can have a real exhibit of our work in a gallery. You have to start some where!!

I stitched the circle quilt with monofilament polyester thread to stabilize it before I start hand stitching. I can’t wait to do some hand work.