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Dyeing Embroidery Thread

Monday, January 18th, 2010

I have started the hand-stitching on the irrigation circle piece. I love the zen of sitting with fabric and making marks. Because of the complex colors in the piece, I felt that I needed some embroidery thread that would work better with those colors. I knew that the Colorhue dyes work with wool and linen in addition to silk. I did not have an immediate source for white or unbleached silk thread so I went out to look for an alternative.

I found this white bamboo for crocheting.

I wound some skeins.

I also found some natural linen embroider thread, already in skeins. I thought that might produce some interesting color when overdyed.

I spritzed the skeins with water so that the dye would penetrate more quickly. I dipped and poured dye, using 2 to 3 colors on each skein. You can see from the first photo that I got some good results. Click the photo to see them larger. They are still damp. I will rinse them tomorrow and hope they do not lose color.

Here is Mr Scooter in the studio today. He has about 2 inches of hair, now, so he looks like he has put on weight. I tell him he is not fat, he is fluffy.