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My Artist Cloth is My Muse

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

It seems that whenever I am stuck I can always count on my fabric to lead me in an artistic direction. When I started this piece, I had totally different fabric in mind. As I started pawing around, the top two pieces jumped out at me. I love how they play off each other.

I fused the fabrics and then folded and played with layouts until I got this background.

I decided it would be best to do a reverse applique for the meandering river so I drew a meandering line and then took the rotary cutter to it. Here it is as I poked some turquoise silk under to see how it would look.

I am anxious to quilt this because I think the quilting will add a lot to the background.

The movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was quite good. To fit it into almost 3 hours, many layers of the story had to be discarded. The director was there. He is Danish. It was fun to hear him talk about making the movie,

I haven’t posted the pup lately. Here he is in all his laid back glory.