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Lost My Momentum

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

or maybe I am just catching up on stuff after the manic quilting. I did get the bamboo hanger on this little piece which was in the latest Tote Tuesday auction. It has left for Arlington, TX.

I got some guild errands done. I worked on the SDA website. I helped Stephanie with a computer problem. I played with some indigo scraps for the next 12 X 12 quilt in our color/colour theme of blue, white and a little black. I also uploaded the new work to my website. So, I guess it was not a total waste.

My friend, Terry, has been doing some very deep blog posts lately. So I have been feeling quite shallow. On a day like this, I worry about being a big snore bore.

Here are a couple of things I saw on my walk with Scooter today, taken with my iPhone.

That would be Jack, my favorite son-in-law. Nice sign, I think.

I am off to watch men’s ice skating and Project Runway with remote in hand.