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Batik Goodness

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

This is my batik stash which I have sorted by colors in these baskets. They are stacked in the IKEA cabinets in the background. I love batiks, and they are about the only commercial fabrics that I buy any more. Now, I hardly ever use any fabrics but those that I create.

I am doing a 15 X 15 inch piece for the Quilt Art list 15th anniversary. I came up with an idea and decided to get into my batik stash. I selected 15 different colors to make up a rainbow.

I have 15 hands in descending sizes drawn on freezer paper that will become part of the design.

I am taking these to San Francisco with me and will do the fussy cutting while I am lounging in the hotel with my buddy, Liz Berg. I will have dinner with my SF kids tomorrow night and then the conference. On Monday, I will spend the day with Lisa. I have never seen her studio.

I will be checking in with photos and postings of all the fun.

Ta Da!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Dinner at Eight Artists presents Beneath the Surface, a special exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA  – July 22-25th at the Long Beach Convention Center.  Sponsored by Moore’s Sewing Centers and Brother International and the Dinner at Eight blog.

I can finally show you Mother Lode, which was accepted into this special exhibit along with many excellent art quilters across the country. I think a trip to Long Beach and IQF is in order.

Here is a detail:

Oh, Shoot!

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Today, my daughter, Steph, came by with her super duper camera to take some photos of my studio and me and also, how I prepare thermofax screens for the Twelve X Twelve book. She took a lot of photos of how I store stuff and other oddities in my studio. I have a big space, which is awkward for photographing, but it is very efficient as a work space. So, we decided to go with the quirky photos.

I made the print up there to demonstrate how the thermofax works. I made the screen from this photo that I took in Kauai. I loved the wispy look of these trees.

M & M did not have school today so they came with Steph. After we were done in the studio, we mixed up some homemade bubble mix and had fun in the front yard. Even Scooter got in on the action.

As you can see, it was a lovely day. There were delightful gusts of wind that blew the bubbles before the kids could. Lots of fun.

They love this fancy bubble maker that I bought at a craft show.

I love the colors in this Japanese Maple.

I finished up Entwined Roots tonight and sent a jpeg in for the SAQA auction. I can cross something else off my list.

A Slow Week-end

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I am still pacing myself after the frenetic work I had to accomplish earlier this year. I can hardly remember what I did yesterday!! I leaned my desk, trying to find a missing credit card bill – no luck. I guess the USPS has missed delivery once again. Our postal carrier retired and now we have had a variety of people, never the same one. We have also had lots of missing mail.

Last night, we went to a wonderful service at church  — a Eucharist liturgy set to Bruce Springsteen music. It was very well attended. I enjoyed it immensely. He is a poet and a champion of the downtrodden.

Today, I did some neatening of my studio. Stephanie is coming over tomorrow to help me take some studio photos for the Twelve X Twelve book. She is very good at staging and has a great eye for the interesting shot.

I folded some fabrics to neaten my wire basket storage. I found that I have quite a bit of dupioni silk in many colors — two wire baskets full. I used to use a lot of silk dupioni before I started dyeing my own fabric. I am thinking of washing it and making a quilt for our bedroom. But some of those colors will not work.

I took this photo of my print table before I put a clean sheet over it. I just love it.

I do a lot of fusing and while I was in the cleaning up mode, I cleaned the soles of all my irons. I have lots of options! I love my Panasonic with the titanium sole. It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped it.

I was itching to do some more small roots/weeds pieces, but never got to it. I have a few deadlines looming. I need to make a couple of new pieces for our Japanese Garden show. I want to use some of my vintage textiles. I need to make a 15 X 15 piece for the Quilt Art @15 online show. I want to make some smaller pieces for the Artists Among Us show. I did not get into Visions, so I have two more pieces that will be available for that show.

I am getting excited about going to SF next week for the SDA/SAQA conference and to spend some time with my children. Life is good.

Working Smaller

Friday, March 12th, 2010

It was nice to play around with the smaller format this week. It is nice to get the instant gratification my finishing a piece in a couple of days. I played some more with skinny bits for this and then made the commitment and fused it. I let it percolate for awhile and then quilted it this afternoon. It is clickable to see it larger. I am considering using this for the SAQA auction. I am going to do a larger one this week-end – not sure if it will be roots or grass.

Here is a detail:

Have a great week-end. I am wondering if I will get my skinny envelope from Quilt Visions tomorrow. Seems like a lot of people have gotten theirs yesterday and today.