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What a Great Day

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I had back to back meetings today and both were fun and inspiring. First, was the quarterly meeting of Columbia Fiberarts Guild. We had a program which featured members of the guild doing demonstrations and showing their work. We capped it off with a delicious catered lunch.

This afternoon, we had our first Portland area SAQA meeting, with a great turn out and several guests who may decide to join. The highlight was seeing part of the SAQA @20 trunk show. I was excited to see that this group had my piece. It is up there on the left. I used my handpainted silk and did lots of hand stitching. We are going to have our first Oregon juried show, titled Oregon, State of Diversity. To cap off the day, I won this door prize, The Transformations:  Reflections Catalog.

One of the demos today was by a paper collage artist, Susan Schenck, who is not a member of the guild. I loved what she did so much, I thought I would share some photos.

Here is one of her pieces. A detail is below.

She started a collage of this dog photo during her demo.

She has tons of magazine pages sorted by colors. She told me that she is partial to text on color to give more interest and texture.

She uses wall paper for the background because it can stand up to the dampness of the glue. She told me she finds it at yard sales. That is where she gets many of her frames, too.

She does a sketch of the photo on tracing paper and then does the collage under the tracing paper, filling in the background first. She uses a paste glue called Yes!. The old phone book is her pasting station. Brilliant.

Hope you enjoyed sharing my day with me.