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A Slow Week-end

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I am still pacing myself after the frenetic work I had to accomplish earlier this year. I can hardly remember what I did yesterday!! I leaned my desk, trying to find a missing credit card bill – no luck. I guess the USPS has missed delivery once again. Our postal carrier retired and now we have had a variety of people, never the same one. We have also had lots of missing mail.

Last night, we went to a wonderful service at church  — a Eucharist liturgy set to Bruce Springsteen music. It was very well attended. I enjoyed it immensely. He is a poet and a champion of the downtrodden.

Today, I did some neatening of my studio. Stephanie is coming over tomorrow to help me take some studio photos for the Twelve X Twelve book. She is very good at staging and has a great eye for the interesting shot.

I folded some fabrics to neaten my wire basket storage. I found that I have quite a bit of dupioni silk in many colors — two wire baskets full. I used to use a lot of silk dupioni before I started dyeing my own fabric. I am thinking of washing it and making a quilt for our bedroom. But some of those colors will not work.

I took this photo of my print table before I put a clean sheet over it. I just love it.

I do a lot of fusing and while I was in the cleaning up mode, I cleaned the soles of all my irons. I have lots of options! I love my Panasonic with the titanium sole. It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped it.

I was itching to do some more small roots/weeds pieces, but never got to it. I have a few deadlines looming. I need to make a couple of new pieces for our Japanese Garden show. I want to use some of my vintage textiles. I need to make a 15 X 15 piece for the Quilt Art @15 online show. I want to make some smaller pieces for the Artists Among Us show. I did not get into Visions, so I have two more pieces that will be available for that show.

I am getting excited about going to SF next week for the SDA/SAQA conference and to spend some time with my children. Life is good.