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Happiness is…

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

getting an hour or two in the studio to finish some work. For this kimono, I did the satin stitch edging. I think it gives a nice unobtrusive edge to the piece. I quite like this piece and it it doesn’t sell, I might find a place for it. All it needs is a bamboo rod.

Someone asked how big these are. They are about 32 inches in each direction.

I have Mia and Miles her until Tuesday, but with them in school during the day, I am going to try to get one more of these done. Tomorrow morning, Mr C has a Dr. appointment so I am on my own to get the kiddos off to school. Wish me luck!!

Last night’s dinner party was a big success. Even Scooter was on his best behavior. I hung my new glow bowls from Diana Fayt in the dining room next to the fireplace. They looked so beautiful.

I also splurged on some new table linens that were on sale. I bought some orange tulips to complete the scene.

A bonus of having the dinner party is that the house is nice and clean and there are left-overs.