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Something Different

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Here is a sneak peek at the piece I am working on to commemorate 15 years of the Quilt Art list. It was nice to go down to the studio and work on something rather brainless and fun!

I spent most of the day with 5 marvelous women from the Columbia Fiberarts Guild. The Guild has a huge number of slides covering the years of 1966 – 2000. They were gathering dust and were in danger of getting lost in someones attic. We decided that we should pull slides from each year that would represent the work being done. It was so much fun looking at the photos of everything from macrame to fantastic wearable art.

The slides had been catalogued by category. The first thing we did was to sort them by year. Here you can see some of the worker bees and the piles of slides.

We finished sorting and pulling slides for every year. I am so happy to have this finished. They will now be sent to Costco to be burned to DVDs.

I want to thank every one who left a comment about my PAM debacle. I want to make it clear that the embarrassment title was completely tongue in cheek. I was not embarrassed, only quite confused.

Having had some private conversations with people I really respect, I now feel that it was a good thing that I got denied. I do not need this. It is an extra expense without much cache considering the number of artists and the lack of any continuity of the work that is represented.

I am in a really good place with the pace and growth of my work. I just want to be in my studio making stuff.