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Bouncing Back

Monday, April 19th, 2010

I am bouncing back from the back/shoulder injury. I did not need the sling today, and I managed to take a nice walk with Scooter. I picked up my unsold inventory at the Japanese Garden. I sold two scarves. There were not a lot of sales, period. The Garden rep said she liked my kimonos and was surprised they did not sell. I price my work to cover my time and materials and perhaps the right clientele did not come along.

I have now made two tops for the Twelve X Twelve Kilauea challenge. A detail on the second one is at the top of this post. I changed it to gray scale to disguise it. Her is a detail from the other:

I hope to get them quilted tomorrow. I am not sure which one will be the official piece. I need to get to work on some things for the Artists Among Us show. I need to do sleeves and hanging slats on several of the big quilts that have never been in a show.

Today, the dirt arrived for my garden beds. That is another big job to work on. Here is my new kitchen garden ready to be planted. It is up on the side of the garage. I will do some herbs and lettuces and maybe some tomatoes, later in the spring.

Scooter is checking it for me.

This morning on my walk, I saw a group of Dogwood trees that were just gorgeous. I took these photos with my iPhone. I am always impressed with the quality of the iPhone pics.

So, I am so happy to have gotten through this injury fairly well. I am still not doing any heavy lifting.