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Channelling Ellsworth Kelly

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

For today’s fiber sketch, I took a challenge from Kathleen Loomis. Her blog is Art With a Needle. She does a quilt date once a month and invites readers to try something she has done.

Today, she featured the work of Ellsworth Kelly, whose work is very quilterly.  I was particularly taken with this piece.

Ellsworth Kelly — Study for “Cite”: Brushstrokes Cut into   Twenty Squares and Arranged by Chance, collage of ink on paper, 1951

I do not like to spend a lot of time on the fiber sketches. So, I quickly cut strips of black and white and then fused them together.

I cut them into into squares and “arranged them by chance”. The size of the sketchbook limited the size I could do, but it whet my appetite to try a larger piece using this technique.

On another note, the Quilt Art @ 15 entries were revealed today on the QA website. Click the link and look at all of the fun quilts made to celebrate the 15 years that QA has been in existance. Here is the piece that I made – Pearls of Wisdom.

It consists of 15 hands holding “pearls of wisdom” that are generously shared amongst the members, new and old.

Today, I had the preliminary work done for the new crown to cover the tooth that I broke last month. I had to go to the funky Japanese run dental lab and meet with a technician to select just the right shade to match my other teeth. There are loads of colors to choose from — who knew?

I also got some work done on the purple yellow challenge, which I can’t show you! And because you love to see him — here is a photo of Mr Cuteness in my studio today.