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Deadlines Met

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I finished both of my projects due today. The Rusty Square Dance was posted this morning. Today, I finished my self portrait to enter Mirror Mirror at Trinity Cathedral.

I made the deconstructed rainbow fiber sketch as an antidote to the work I have been doing which required lots of time at the sewing machine and much angst and unsewing.

We are happy in our house because the Giants just won the World Series. Having spent much of our lives together in the Bay Area, we have been big Giant fans.

Tomorrow is a big day for our country. I fear that the elections will usher in a a few years of  unbearable political wrangling. But, hope springs eternal. At least the terrible TV commercials will be gone.

Here is the self portrait after I quilted it.

Here is a detail to show the stitching. Don’t  you love the highlights in my hair?

I mounted it with the other portrait on stretcher bars. I have titled it Then and Now. I decided to take artistic license and not add glasses.

Rusty Square Dance

Monday, November 1st, 2010

This is my offering for the Twelve X Twelve rusty colorplay theme. I was inspired by the postage stamp quilts created by Kathleen Loomis. She does huge installations! In my quest to try new techniques and ideas for the Twelve X Twelve colorplay challenges, I thought I would try a small version.

I had a criteria that Kathleen does not have, mine had to end up at a specific size. I started by grabbing some quilted scraps and cutting them into 1 & 1/2 inch squares.

I tried lining them up on a 12 inch ruler, but I could not get them to fit. I then tried  1 & 3/4 inches which worked perfectly with 6 across and 6 down.

I sandwiched and quilted the silk fabrics that I had rusted and discharged.

I cut the squares and worked on an arrangement. I wanted them to be random, but with only two fabrics, I couldn’t get a layout that  I liked.

So, I eventually went with the alternating squares. I thought I could just grab a row of squares and start stitching. Noooo! Remember, I needed these to fit into a 12 inch square. My solution was to use a strip of painter’s tape which I laid across the 12 inch ruler. I then lined up the squares and took them to the machine and stitched down each side.

My next problem was how to hang this. I decided that I wanted to have a copper rod with a verdigris patina. I found 12 inch rods at the hardware store. I googled how to add a patina to copper and put one in Miracle Grow and one in ammonia glass cleaner. The one I used was in the ammonia. The Miracle Grow was very nice, but in my haste, I did not remove enough of the lacquer so the patina was not even over the rod. Here is the one that I used.

Here is a detail:

I decided to leave dangling threads. I also tried zig zagging the edges, but that added too much distraction.

Now, I must finish my self portrait which needs to be submitted today. If you haven’t seen the other rusty pieces, go on over to Twelve X Twelve.