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Mood Indigo

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

It was a gorgeous day today  — sunny and 70° — a perfect day to visit the Portland Japanese Garden. I met my friend Suzy there and we took in the beautiful indigo installation by a Japanese artist.

She uses a linen that is specially created for her. It is based on Japanese mosquito netting. Here is the back side of the Moonlit piece.

This is the most amazing installation:

Notice the subtle change in the design of each piece. Here is a straight on shot.

This piece is the width of the room and would have been used to screen off part of a garden for privacy when entertaining.

This is another subtle beauty.

There were smaller hangings, too.

This was the coolest, however, a little indigo tent.

Here are some photos of the gorgeous fall color in the garden and a view of Mt. Hood.

I hope to have all my photos on my Flickr site, soon.