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A Busy Saturday

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Despite my scratchy throat, I went to a lecture on the designer/builder who built our home, today. His name was Ken Birkemeier. He started building homes in the mid 1930s and eventually built mid-century modern homes in the 50s, one of which we own. We learned that listing your home as one built by him adds to its value. We also discovered that some of the quirky things in our house show up in others. I plan to take some photos and blog about this later.

Later in the day, we went to the Wild Arts Festival. Terry and I had both donated 6 X 6 inch bird art for the Audubon Society fundraiser. They had both been sold by the time we got there, but they had a nice poster with all of the art. My crow is circled on the detail shot. The whole poster shows Terry’s bird. You can click it to see it larger.

I always enjoy listening to this woman talk about the live birds. This is a raven. We were warned not to cluck at it because it gets aroused – as that is a mating sound. LOL

We wandered around the show for a bit. My photos are not very good because I only had my iPhone. I loved this pottery.

One of our Columbia FiberArts members, Heidi, was there with her felted balls, stones and ornaments.

This woman is always there with these gorgeous handwoven towels. She had some gorgeous handdyed bamboo yarn for weaving.

In one room, they have lots of books for sale on local flora and fauna, hiking, cooking, etc. I bought a couple of Christmas presents.

Today is Miles’ 9th birthday. He had a bowling and pizza party with a few friends today. Tomorrow, we will take the family out and have our own celebration. It is good to stretch out birthdays!!