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Klee Castle Progress

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

I made a bit of progress on the background for my castles. I had several household tasks to accomplish today plus a sinus headache. I finally got down to the studio for a bit this afternoon.

You can see that I have a drawing under the teflon sheet that I am using as a guide, but I do not adhere strictly to it.

I think I have not mentioned that I am a candidate for cataract surgery. I will see the eye doctor next month to get scheduled. I failed the depth of vision test because of the cataracts so I guess it is time to face the music.

Funny story. Someone said I should get my home thoroughly cleaned before the surgery because I would suddenly be able to see cobwebs and dust. I related this story at dinner last night. Mia was very offended by this. She said, “Grandma, you do not have dust and cobwebs. Your house is very clean!”  Mr C and I  enjoyed that remark!

Just heard on the news that we will break the record for number of consecutive days in March with rain. We might break the temperature record, with the average being in the low 40s. We have not had one day at 60° which usually happens several days in March. This too shall pass, and before we know it, we will be complaining about how hot it is!

Hope you are having a great week-end.