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I Love Surface Design

Monday, April 11th, 2011

It has been some time since I have had a block of time to create in my studio. I mean to create new surface on cloth. I had fun today creating fabric that can be used to build a cityscape.

I used a vinyl sink mat for a stencil. I think I forgot to take a photo of the fabric.

I used the side of a plastic berry basket for a grid with mustard(?) deColourant on a rust fabric.

It did not work really well – too much seepage. This is heat set, but not washed so it will tone down a bit. Has some possibilities.

I was searching around for something else to use as a grid and remembered masking tape! I have it in lots of sizes.


Here is the result, unwashed. I like it.

This was done with masking tape. I have heat set part of this so you can see how nicely the heat gun removes the color.

Here it is all heat set, but not washed.

I used a plain deColourant on this gray fabric and used a small square sponge to make the grid.

I like the brown cotton with gold metallic deColourant which is up at the top of this post..

I have to get my chartreuse quilts up on the Twelve by Twelve blog. Tomorrow is reveal day. Can’t wait to see what every one did.