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Some Color

Monday, June 20th, 2011

I received a package of glorious color today from The Wool Peddler. These are wooly cupcakes in delicious color ways.

This is silk Sari Ribbon which I will use in felting.

A gorgeous pound of hand-dyed high quality roving that are ends and leftovers at a great price.

I love these silk fibers – can’t wait to use them in felting.

This is pulled silk fiber, made by pulling the fibers from remnants.

I knew I could not survive the virus unscathed. I now have sinusitis which is causing severe vertigo when I awaken in the morning. After a saline rinse and sitting quietly for a couple of hours, I can sort of resume normal activity. My Dr. is out of town until Wednesday, so I am biding my time trying to cope with another setback.

We had a nice family meal last evening for Father’s Day. It was fun to see M & M and get caught up on their plans for the summer. I gave some books and sketch books to use this summer.

I got down to the studio this afternoon and actually made a thermofax screen and printed some images. I had fun last Friday with Photoshop and a couple of photos I took 3 years ago. I turned them into black and white sketches.

That is Mark and Jayme in the photo above. I did a test print on muslin and then printed on two different organzas.

This is a white organza with a woven leaf print.

This is a dark gray organza. The print on muslin was much clearer.

I received a lovely message from Jane Dunnewold this afternoon, telling me how much she liked my piece that I did for the SDA Member’s show at the conference. She thought it was one of the top ten pieces. I really needed that boost. In case you have forgotten, you can see it here.

Mr C came down with the crappy virus this week-end, but today, he was back at work, dismantling our old deck.

Filling in the Blank

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Another day has gone by and I have avoided the studio and new work. I just can’t get my rear in gear.  I thought it might help to get out some paper and pencil and try my hand at drawing. I am late to the Zentangle madness, mainly because I feel quite inept at drawing.

I found a tutorial on line and started in. It recommended starting with pencil on 3 1/2 inch squares of paper. I liked that — not a big commitment!! It was kind of fun. This photo was taken with my iPhone and there is some red reflecting from our red leather sofa, I think.

I downloaded a scan app for my iPhone. I thought I would scan these and then post them.

Not very good results. I think the scanner works best for documents, but it is a cool app to have. You can scan recipes and stuff you find in a magazine at the Dr’s office, instead of sneakily tearing out the page!!

I think I will try more of these, using a micron pen for sharper images.

This is what our deck is looking like today.

There is even more deconstruction since I took this photo. I wonder how long it will be before I can sit out on the deck again?

I will probably avoid the studio again tomorrow because Mark and Jayme are arriving this week-end and I must get some guest bedroom and bathroom cleaning done.

This and That

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

I missed attending the SDA conference in Minneapolis last week for various reasons. One of the state reps that I work with sent me a goody bag of stuff attendees received. This is a pin with the SDA logo.

This is the official goody bag.

There were several magazines, but no Fiberarts. I was disappointed to hear that the summer issue is the last one to be published.

There was a small bottle of PROsapol – Prochem’s version of synthrapol. There are fabric samples from Exotic silks and Spoonflower. It is nice to see the quality of the fabric that Spoonflower uses. The little bag contains lavender scented wool scraps – smells delightful.

I also received the Quilt National book from Amazon today.  I have to spend some time with it later.

I think I have finally kicked the virus. I am tired tonight, but it is a good tired, not a sick tired.

Quilt Rehab

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

I made this piece in 2008 and it was in a couple of shows. I named it Fragments of a Life. SAQA has a call for entries for a show titles “Layers of Memory”. I thought this piece might work for the show, but there were parts that I did not like.

Here is the original:

When I made it, I ended up filling areas with turquoise paint. I think I dripped some paint and just camouflaged it by adding more paint. I covered some of those areas with some discharged silk that worked with the palette and then collaged some old photos after I printed them on silk organza. I think it is meatier now. You can click on the image to see it larger.

It was good to get back into my studio after 5 days of a nasty virus. It was not easy, but I am glad I pushed myself to finish this.

Flag Day

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

I am checking in from my viral stupor. I got hit with a nasty cold virus on Friday, and I now realize I have missed at least four days of working in my studio, getting exercise and generally enjoying my life.

Mr C has taken over food shopping and kitchen duties. I think he is ready for my come back. My temperature is almost normal this morning, but I am still rather achy and lethargic. I think some blue skies and sunshine and warm temps would help.

I took the above photo on the wharf in Santa Barbara last month.