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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011


We spent a good part of today at MOMA. We walked there from our hotel and joined the throngs of people from all of the world to enjoy modern art.

I took tons of photos which I will have up on Flickr soon, but it is difficult to do the upload on the iPad! Some of my favorite photos were taken out the windows.


Here is one of my favorite paintings.


I loved this Calder mobile in a stairwell.


I love taking photos of the urban landscape, too.


When we came back to the hotel, I discovered that we are just a stone’s throw from Chelsea so on our way to dinner, we stopped by the City Quilter where I made a purchase of Cherrywood cottons.

We had dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Chelsea known for it’s lobster. We are both whooped from our fantastic day in the city.

A Long Travel Day

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


We have had a long travel day and now are in our hotel in New York City. We flew from Portland to Dallas and then to JFK. We picked up our luggage and took the air train to the Long Island Railroad and into Penn Station. Our hotel is nearby the station. After a short walk, wrangling our luggage through pedestrian traffic, we found a small, but lovely room waiting for us.

We found the employees at the airport and the train stations to be very courteous and helpful. It was a lot of fun taking the train into the city

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant and took a walk around the area.



Now I am in my jammies and ready for some sleep so that we can enjoy a marathon day in The Big Apple.

SAQA Auction Coming Up

Monday, August 15th, 2011


I discovered a WordPress blog app and it seems to be pretty good for me.

The SAQA auction is coming up in September. I thought I would show you my collection of quilts purchased from the auction. I have six. I took the photos in low light in my living room with the iPad so the quality is what it is!! The top piece is by Natalya Aikens, second is by Cathy Kleeman and the bottom is by Diane Wright. They hang in a narrow space on the side of huge windows. Here is the other side.


The top piece is by Sue Dennis, second by Virginia Spiegel and the bottom is by Elizabeth Fram. I do not know how to do links from the iPad – whoops!

Here is the long view of where I have them hanging. I have room for a couple more.


I am all packed and ready to leave on a jet plane in the morning.

The Eternal Optimist?

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

I was out shopping today and saw swim noodles on sale. I bought 3 because I am an optimist and figure I will be shipping more quilts to venues!

Here is a sneak peek at the secret piece I am working on. I am doing a lot of little French knots.

I have spent the week-end getting odds and ends done in preparation for our trip to New York on Tuesday. Mr C installed the last bit of security for the exterior of the house — a motion detector light by the back door. He spent a lot of time on it and was complaining that it didn’t work. I said that maybe it only works when it is dark — what do I know? Of course, that was it. He went out tonight and the light came on!!

We got the new grill all set up on Friday.

Yesterday, I marinated a roasting chicken and last night, we put the rotisserie to the test.

And it was delicious.

I spent an hour tonight setting up my iPad with Blogsy and tried to do my blog, but I could not get the images to import. Guess I will have to keep working on it. So there may not be any blogging from our trip because I want to leave my laptop at home.

More Orange and Some Red

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

I painted some batting orange and I am using the painted organza to create something over it. I am taking this on our trip and I will be doing copious hand stitching on it.

After several false starts, I finally made some great progress on a secret project. It, too, will get lots of hand stitching so it gets to travel with me.

I have been getting studio work done every day, doing a lot of SDA database work for the new website and also getting ready for the visit back east coming up. Yesterday, I went in for some nice new red color on my hair. Today, Mr C and I went shopping. He got a new black sports coat and Keen shoes. I bought some red shoes to wear with my gray silk dress for my niece’s wedding.

I don’t usually wear a heel this high, but I really like these and they were quite comfy. I am so excited that we are spending a couple of nights in NYC — wish we could stay longer.

Tomorrow, our new natural gas grill arrives so I hope I can get some photos of the finished breezeway. We are really enjoying balmy evenings on the deck.