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NW Vibe — High Fiber Diet

Friday, August 5th, 2011

We went to the opening reception for the latest High Fiber Diet show — NW Vibe. That is my Red Sky at Night up there, my rendition of Portland at night looking West from our side of the river. If you click on it, you can get a better view. That is Terry’s piece at the bottom which is a view out the window on a rainy day with her sewing supplies at the ready. Sorry, the photo is a bit blurry.

Here is another overview of the show. I am not particularly fond of venues where the quilts have to be stacked like this, but sometimes that is a necessity.

Here are some individual pieces:

The piece on the bottom has sold. So happy for Chris!

The venue is a cafe/coffee house with a gallery area and beautiful vertical gardens on the exterior located in Oregon City. There was very enjoyable live music — a nice coffee house vibe for our NW Vibes.

Here is Terry and her daughter and some other folks. Terry’s grandchildren are gorgeous children.

I was very enamored of the vertical gardens. I have always wanted a vertical succulent garden on the side of our garage.

This is a newly planted vertical garden. They put carpet padding on the side of the building and then cut into it to place the plants. They are watered from above.



There is a free seminar of planting and caring for vertical gardens on Sunday  afternoon, I may have to go!!