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Technical Difficulties

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

My best laid plans went awry while in Tacoma for the APWQ quilt show. My brand new USB camera cord stopped working so I could not upload photos so I did no blogging. Truth be told, I was so sleep deprived and jet lagged, I am not sure I could have done it anyway.

It was a lot to ask of my aging body to get off a plane from the east coast, get reorganized and get on a train to another venue and not have some rebellion. I keep waking up on New York time even though I go to bed on West Coast time.

Anyway, we had a lovely train ride to Tacoma, all eight of us. Our first activity was to explore Tacoma a bit and so we walked around the Tacoma Glass Museum where you can see a beautiful icy looking installation,

We had drinks and dinner at a restaurant on the water — lots of fun.

We hit the quilt show the next morning. I have mixed feeling about it. I think the quality of the work that was entered and juried in to the show was not up to the quality of previous years. I had mixed feelings about pieces that were given ribbons — made me wonder what the jurors were looking at, especially in the art quilt categories.

This is a piece by my friend, Pippa, from Canada, who is a faithful blog reader. We were roommates at Art Quilt Tahoe one year. The title is  — there is an elephant in my garden. I love it.

I also liked thi quilt by Cynthia St. Charles which was drawn with gel glue resist and then painted.

Theere were many other quilts that I loved, but I was to blotto to remember to take photos.

In the downtown area, we found this word game in a plaza.

There were some pretty funny sentences put together. Here is one that Terry, Beth and I did.

Tacoma is a place of architectural delights — a place where old meets new and manmade meets natural as in this photo of the modern bridge with Mt. Rainier in the background.

I am happily tired tonight. I had fun putting together a grilled salmon dinner for two of the twelves and their spouses — Terry Grant and Karen Rips. And, of course, I forgot to take photos, just as I forgot to take photos of our meet up with Nikki at the quilt show.

Anyway, I am off to bed. I will post more tomorrow.