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Oregon Old Growth Trees

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

For the Oregon SAQA State of Diversity juried show, I am attempting to do a quilt about old growth trees. This is a photo that I took and printed on silk – it is about 13″ X 18 “.  I cut it into 4 pieces and mounted each piece on green fabric.

I also have these smaller closeups of trees that and printed them in triplicate.

This is the background fabric:

I am doing a balanced symmetrical layout with some tree trunks framing each side. I am using this fabric for the tree trunks.

It didn’t quite blend in with the other fabric and photos so I went at it with some black and green paint.

This really isn’t a very good photo of the end result.

I got the layout done and started quilting it tonight. The quilting is bringing the piece together. I am feeling better about it than I was this afternoon.

I need to get this finished and photograph it tomorrow so that I can overnight it to arrive on Friday. I am always working up to the last minute.