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It’s In The Bag

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Oregon SAQA has specific requirements for the bag that holds our quilt when it is traveling in a SAQA show. It must be a muslin bag (no prints or plastic wrappings), with a velcro closure and no ties. It must have a plastic zip lock bag sewn to the outside and a label in the baggie which has a photo of the quilt and name, address, measurements, etc.)

I am delivering the quilt next week so I decided to get mine done today as I have some busy days ahead. I made the muslin bag a few inches longer than the quilt when it is rolled on a swim noodle and big enough in circumference so that the quilt will slip inside and out, easily.

I made French seams to prevent raveling when it is in use.

I stitched velcro to the open ends.


I should remember to stitch the plasic bag to the outside before I sew the seams as it is difficult enough to stitch on plastic as it is.

The curators do not like ties around the quilt so I fashioned some velcro closures to keep mine in place when it is rolled around the swim noodle.

Here it is holding the quilt around the noodle.

So, I am happy to have this done and ready to deliver.

I found this great little gizmo on Etsy when I was surfing for Christmas gifts. The Nikon camera I have, does not have a strap for the lens cover and so I am always misplacing it. This little gizmo  holds it when not on the camera and attaches to the camera strap. It is made from leather.