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Getting That Holiday Spirit

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Some of my readers have wondered if I was OK. I have just been very busy. Last night we had a party for one of our priests from Trinity who is retiring. She has been with the cathedral for 18 years. Mr C was on the commission that worked with her. We had a sit down dinner for 20 people. Here are the plates!

Mr C and I worked very hard for a few days getting the house spiffy and decorated. I made chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and goat cheese, salad and brown rice. The rest of the food was pot luck.

Today, I had back to back meetings  — Columbia Fiberarts Guild in the morning and SAQA in the afternoon. I am just about done in tonight.

I got my Christmas present to myself yesterday — a 50 mm lens for my new Nikon camera. I am loving playing with it. It is the lens that Steph uses in her work, and I now see why she uses it so much.

Here are some photos that I have taken so far.

The pretty morning sky:

The Scooter Man:

And some of our Christmas decor.

The tree lights detail:

The tree without lights turned on.

This last photo was not taken with the new lens. It is Scooter impersonating one of Santa’s reindeer. He had a good time at the party last night and got lots of loving from every one.

Tomorrow, I am going to do a profile of one of our guild members who does felting. She has had a manifesto of no waste since the late 1990’s. I think you will enjoy hearing about her work and seeing what she produces.