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Back to Normal, Almost

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

After spending the morning at Trinity taking care of some exhibit details, I came home and just vegged for a bit. It felt good to be free of deadlines for the moment. I still have to do the program for the Friday night gala and name tags for the volunteers, but I have some time.

I did some much needed house hold tasks, cooked a real meal and took Scooter for a walk. Mr C was at Trinity helping to hang the show and came home feeling sick. He has a temperature of 100° and has gone to bed early. I hope I don’t get the bug. I have had enough, don’t you think? He is sleeping in the guest room as a precaution.

Tonight, I spent some time in my studio making some 3X3’s, since I was behind. The one up there was done a few days ago. Here are the pieces I did tonight.

I am going to fold my third load of laundry and get to bed early. I have been waking up with the sun — I am not used to the light early in the morning. I hope to get some photos of the exhibit tomorrow, if the hanging is complete. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get sick, me and my laptop and Filemaker are key to the sales happening smoothly at the exhibit. I am sure someone else could do it, but I sure hope it is me.