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Monday Melange

Monday, June 11th, 2012

This orange 3 x 3 was made with one of the little fused scraps that I received from Melody Johnson, eons ago. They come in handy when I am brain dead!!

Today was a day of cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking. A special house guest is arriving tomorrow, and I am very excited.

Kerr Grabowski, surface designer extraordinaire, is flying in to Portland tomorrow, and I get to entertain her (or vice versa) until Sunday morning. On Wednesday evening, she is doing a lecture for Columbia Fiberarts Guild and Thursday and Friday, she is teaching deconstructed screenprinting. I have been wanting to take a workshop with her for so long.

I just rewatched her dvd, to get myself psyched up. Now, I won’t be able to sleep, I am so excited.

I am planning some fun trips with her during our free time: Japanese Garden, Oregon College of Arts and Craft, Contemporary Craft Museum, a drive out to Multnomah Falls and lunch in Hood River. Gonna be fun. I may not be blogging much or making 3 x 3s — all depends. I think we are going to have a week of fairly good weather. Since she lives on the Mississippi Delta, she will probably appreciate some coolish Portland weather.

So, now you know where I am, if I am not here!!