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Over the Rainbow

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I have been playing with my rainbow fabrics for the Rhythm and Hues piece. I was not sure what to do for the background, but now I am thinking the darker rainbow will work for the background with maybe some black thrown in.

The morning was spent on my computer doing SDA work. If you are reading this and are a member of SDA, look for an important e-mail tomorrow. Just saying!

I wanted to tell you about a book that I downloaded to the Kindle App on my iPad. It is titled, Journey to Abstraction, by Sue St. John.

It is nicely illustrated with abstract works of art with a play by play of how it was created by the artist. The last section of the book has 4 step by step demonstrations that you can do to create your own mixed media piece.

Here is one of the tips from the author:

Find Shapes and Patterns:
Shapes and patterns are elemental to the abstract artist. In order to paint abstract, you must teach yourself to observe the shapes and patterns in the world. As you go about your daily activities, notice the shapes around you- the triangles in the roof tiles, the spheres in the fruit dangling from a tree, or the free form shapes the shadows of tree branches and leaves make on the sidewalk.

I read most of the book on my flight to and from Long Beach. I was not enthralled with all of the illustrations, but found many that spoke to me.

Here are yesterday and today’s 3 x3. Almost time to pick the next tertiary color!

Back to the Olympics. I sure hate how they are covered. I wish we could see them in real time. Instead we are spoon fed what NBC wants us to see when they want us to see it.