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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Some Drive-by Photography

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

We got up at 6 am and packed up the car and headed for Corvallis for a 9 am meeting for Mr C. The guy got sick and didn’t show up until 10 am. I could have used another hour of sleep. And, Scooter and I had to hang out in the parking lot waiting. Scooter was a good boy and thankfully, it was not too hot.

We stopped in downtown Corvallis and picked up sandwiches and had a picnic along the Willamette. Here is Scooter waiting patiently for us and some street art.

Then we headed for the Oregon Coast, taking our favorite drive along the Umpquah River.

Some shots along the coast.

We drove 101 into California and were happy to see that Paul Bunyan is still there. He really harangued Mark when he was about 11 years old – 35 years ago.

It started to get cooler as we drove south. Here is the ubiquitous cloud bank out over the Pacific.

And a pretty sunset as we drove into Arcata for the night.

We got here about 8 pm  – a long day. But it will only be about 5 hours to Sonoma County tomorrow.

California Bound

Monday, August 20th, 2012

The only thing I have to show is a 3 X 3. Most of my last two days have been spent at the computer, writing and editing my magazine articles and an SDA survey.

I have a splendid week in California coming up. Lots of family time. I hope to see some of my old Sonoma County quilty friends, too.

Mr C has a meeting in Corvallis tomorrow morning, so Scooter and I will ride along and hang out taking walks and reading and knitting until he is finished and then, we will be off to the coast for a drive down 101 to Arcata for our first night. Then on to Bodega Bay. Steve’s brother has rented an ocean front house.

I like the looks of this weather forecast.

I am mostly packed. Just last minute stuff, and we will be off early in the morning.

Taking a Break…

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

from road tripping and blogging. We arrived home on Friday afternoon. We collected Scooter from the K-9 resort; read the mail, did some grocery shopping, laundered clothes, etc.

I finished writing my magazine articles and fine-tuned them. I think I will read through them one more time before I send them off.  I also got caught up on 3 x 3s. Friday is up there.

Here is yesterday’s:

The SAQA “I’m Not Crazy” show debuted this week-end at the World Quilt Show – New England X, Manchester, NH. You can see all of the quilts in the exhibit on the SAQA website, here. It travels to several more Mancuso quilt shows over the next year.

Tonight, M & M and their parents came over for pizza and watermelon. We also got to watch the animation video that Mia and her classmates created in one of her classes at the California College of Art young artist program. It was really cute.

So, tomorrow, I have to tie up some lose ends; pack my bags and get ready to hit the road early Tuesday morning.

Oregon Adventure Day 5

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Just a quick check in. We packed up and left the John Day Fossil Bed area this morning. We arrived in Bend and found the downtown area where we had lunch on a patio by the Deschutes River and walked around the shops for a bit. Then we drove out to the Deschutes National Forest to find the Tumalo Falls.

We hiked up to the top of the falls and I took some more photos.

We then checked into our hotel. We had dinner at the restaurant here. Again, we got a great table on the deck right next to the river. It was a gorgeous evening. My steal was not cooked to my specifications so the waiter comped us this gigantic chocolate dessert. It is a chocolate bag filled with dark and white chocolate. We could barely make a dent in it.

Tomorrow, we will head back to hot Portland and reunite with Mr Scooter.