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It’s Elemental

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

The High Fiber Diet Show, Elements, debuted today at the Woodburn Art Center. The usual suspects showed up — the artists. I think we had about 3 non artists show up before Mr C and I left to have lunch. The show looks great. Here are some photos that I took.

That is my Motherlode on the left. Next a piece by Karen Miller and then Bonnie Bucknam. The are all earth themed. The last quilt on the right, by Mary Goodson is a water theme.

That is my water quilt in the middle. On the right is a piece done by Mary Arnold. Not sure of the theme. It could be water or earth. The piece on the left is a fire theme by Diane Born.

The balloon quilt is by Diane. That is my air quilt in the middle and on the right is a water quilt by Catherine Beard. That is a beautiful piece.

Two fire quilts – on the left is by Carol Heist. It is really gorgeous. Then my fire quilt with which I am not at all happy. I didn’t take enough time with it. The piece on the right is an earth theme by Elizabeth Bamberger.

Earth on the left by Christina Brown and fire on the right by Mary Arnold – very different from her normal representational work.


Terry’s four quilts were nicely presented together. They are all the same size and really make a nice grouping.

This is Laura Jaszkowski’s air – I think – guess it could be earth, too.

This, I am assuming is earth. It is by Linda Christianson.

We have a couple of garments in the show. This is a gorgeous felted stole by Maarja Paris.

There were a few more pieces that I did not photograph.

This is Emily, Mary, Diane and Elizabeth, four of the artists.

Here is today’s 3 x 3.