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Getting Around and Up and Down

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

I have to admit that using the cane seems to be working. And, I am getting quite speedy and adept at walking the dog and handling the cane, the leash and my iPhone camera.  I am still trying to limit going up and down stairs too often. I am hoping that I can get the hip healed and be back to normal.

I went down to the studio this afternoon to get back to quilting the organ piece. I have to admit that I am not enjoying the kind of quilting that I am doing on this. I am having to do a lot of frog stitching – rip it, rip it. I want to get the base quilted so that I can move on to the embellishments.

Look at this cute knitted doll that I purchased at out Trinity Artisans Fair last week-end. Linda, who knits these, has no pattern. She just freeform knits these adorable critters. I bet you can guess who it is for.

Every December, Trinity Arts has an art or craft show of work to support third world artists. This year, we have items made by Palestinian and Armenian artisans. We have the opening tomorrow night. All of the proceeds go back to the artists. I am looking forward to seeing what we will have. In the meantime, I will be quilting.

You might like to check out the beautiful things that my daughter Stephanie has for sale in the 3191 Apart shop.

Hand-dyed silk and leather leaves.

Plaid silk and wool pinecones – totally hand cut and stitched. Aren’t they gorgeous?