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Where Is My Groove

Thursday, February 21st, 2013



I have been moving in slow motion, getting caught up on stuff like laundry, paying bills, getting things back in order after a week away. I also had some SDA work to get caught up on. I thought I would come back and feel really  motivated to do some new art because I was dreaming up new work while I was away.

Tonight, I went down and started working on the 3 x3s again. The above photo shows the pieces I have left after I have reached 7 ft in length.


So, I have come up with another scheme for arranging them. I think that if I was more left brained, I would have had this all worked out, instead I proceed more intuitively and end up with trial and error. Stay tuned.

I finally got the pattern for Paige’s new sweater worked out and have finally done several rows without having to start over. It is difficult to see the pattern in this photo, but it is a bit complicated.


Confession – I was too busy to draw while I was away. Well, it was not a priority, should I say. So, here is my first drawing in over a week. I am running out of things to draw or else I am not imaginative enough.




So, I will continue to look for my groove tomorrow.


Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

ww 2-20

Some R and R in the California Desert

Sunday, February 17th, 2013




I have been having a wonderful respite in the California desert with Mr C and his brother, Mike, and his wife, Ann. The weather was sunny and warm. I was again mesmerized by the night sky out in the desert. We drove out to the observatory the first night to gaze up at the Milky Way, such an impressive sight.

We had an early departure from Portland and watched the sun rise as we flew to San Diego. We picked up our rental car and had a fun drive on back roads to Palm Desert. The horse sculptures above were so cool. There was one other horse across the road, landing on the bluff. I always love the landscape of California. It is so rugged and diverse.







Just before we drove down into Palm Desert, we stopped at a view point high over Palm Desert. You can see the road we would eventually take, snaking through the mountain side. Palm Desert is down below.



This is  a photo of stately palms lining the street of Palm Desert, where we stopped for a bit and had lunch.



On the way out to Twentynine Palms, I always love seeing the giant wind mills.



We spent one day, hanging out in Palm Springs with Mike and Ann, visiting thrift shops, having lunch and checking out the location of events we were planning to attend on Saturday.

Saturday was devoted to attending the Modernism Expo. I so enjoyed the show and sale of Mid-century Modern furniture and art. Here are some photos I took.











This piece was not really Mid-century, but it was so unique. It is a hand chiseled wood vessel with folds and creases. So beautifully crafted.




Later, we attended an outdoor exhibit of modern furnishings and finishings and a display of pre-fab houses. The most incredible one was created from a junked temporary school trailer. No photos!!

We also did a quick tour of the Palm Springs Art Museum. The special exhibit was incredibly wonderful constructions from found stuff by the Campana Brothers from Brazil.



I also enjoyed getting up close and personal with one of Deborah Butterfields horse sculptures. This photo was taken from the floor above. She constructs the horses from old wood pieces. Then it is taken to a foundry where the wood pieces are disassembled and a bronze cast is made of each and the horse is reconstructed from the bronzes pieces. Quite amazing, really.



Today, we drove back to San Diego and met up with friends at the Visions Art Museum to see the current Quilt Visions juried show. It was so marvelous. Del Thomas met us there and gave us a wonderful docent tour. Here is a photo of Del with Karen Rips (another Twelve member) and me.


Now, we are ensconced in our hotel in San Diego, watching Downton Abbey. Tomorrow, we are going to the San Diego Zoo. Can’t wait to take photos of the animals!

Shake Off Dull Sloth

Monday, February 11th, 2013



I am so tired of the long gray, chilly days in here in Portland. It is so hard to get up the energy to do more than the necessary. So, I am really looking forward to getting away on Wednesday. It looks like we will have sun and temperatures in the 70s in Southern California.

I did get some more 3 x 3s up. I hope I have enough room on the design wall to get them all up. I have 20 rows and there should be about  30. I hope to finish tomorrow and then when I get back from my trip, I can start stitching it together once I have finessed the layout.

Here is my drawing for the day. I just noticed that I left off one of the rungs!!  I should do my drawing earlier in the day when I am not so tired!!


Don’t forget to check into the Year of Art American Cancer Society fundraiser tomorrow. Click on the logo on the right.


Fiberart For A Cause 2013

Sunday, February 10th, 2013


I am pleased to support Virginia Spiegel’s American Cancer Society fundraiser for 2013 in a small way. I am donating a copy of the Twelve by Twelve book  for the grand prize package. A Year of Art opens on this coming Tuesday, February 12 and continues on Wednesday, February 13.  It’s two days of fiber-licious fundraising for the American Cancer Society. Here are five quick tips to help you join the fun:

1. Auction. Bid on artwork from eleven artists arranged on a calendar grid. The art may or may not be themed to the month. See all the artwork.The All-Star Team of Artists:Pamela Allen
Pokey Bolton
Linda Colsh
Jane Davila
Vivika DeNegre
Jane Dunnewold
Jamie Fingal
Karen Stiehl Osborn
Yvonne Porcella
Virginia A. Spiegel
Laura Wasilowski

2. Drawing. Donate and you may win the $1550 prize package from 27 Inspiration Sponsors. Inspiration Month Drawing

So, I hope you will join in and bid on some artwork or make a donation for a chance to win the prize package. The goal is to raise $8000 to add to the $220,000 raised in the past. As a cancer survivor, this fundraiser is near and dear to my heart.

I am taking a deep breath and posting today’s sketch with which I am not happy. But there it is taking up a page in my sketch book, so here goes.


I need to find some more interesting things to sketch!!