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Time to Think and Dream

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013



I am enjoying life at the moment. So nice to have time to stop and smell the roses. I really tried to pace myself over the past few months, but now I realize how nice it is to have a bit more time to just be.

I am happy with the background of this piece. Every thing is fused down but the smaller pieces on the top. I will probably do some machine quilting before I add more. I am in danger of doing too much. The small red pieces are just areas where I plan to do some red stitching.

I am excited that Diane Hock is in Portland. Steph and I are meeting her for lunch tomorrow and then I we will find something fun to do before we come back to my house where she will spend the night. Most of you probably know that Diane was a good friend when we lived in Santa Rosa. She started Twelve by Twelve and the Artful Quilters Web Ring. I owe her big time for including me in the Twelve project.